My name is Vladimir Teneslav and WhatWeMake is the working brand that operates under my creative vision. I live in Bucharest, Romania and I am a professional digital 3D Artists working in the gaming industry for over a decade, currently employed at Vivideni - Gameloft as a Senior Artist.

I have worked on many different titles, from strategy games like Red Alert, to first person shooters like Medal of Honor and role playing games like Assassin's Creed.

I consider myself to be a very creative person and I love writing movie scripts, shooting short films and putting together design documents . Currently, I am fully focused on developing M.I.N.D, the sci-fi strategy board game I have worked on for the past years.

As an artist I am completely inspired by The Lord of the Rings and anything that Blizzard produces, as their world building and execution is top notch.