My name is Vladimir Teneslav and WhatWeMake is the working brand that operates under my creative vision. I live in Bucharest, Romania and I am a professional digital 3D Artists working in the gaming industry for over a decade, currently employed at Vivideni - Gameloft as a Senior Artist.

In December
- 2014 I launched a Kickstarter campaign for MIND - The Fall of Paradise and the game had an amazing reception. But, by my own fault, the timing was really off, as December is not a good month for projects.  I was so eager to show the game to the world that I made this grave mistake that now I consider to be for the better. The project made 65% of the required funding and even though it failed its goal I was extremely happy by the fans I gained. I also realized I could appeal to a broader audience by streamlining the game more and reducing the difficulty. This would also reduce the price, making it cheaper to produce and sell.  Win, win!

So here we are, 2 years later, and the game is now expanded into a game world. I have dedicated most of my time and resources to produce this and unfortunately sometimes being alone in a project this large can hurt your motivation. A friend of mine asked me recently, how do I feel about the upcoming campaign, am I nervous? And it is interesting, as I consider the upcoming campaign to be somewhere at 80% where I would like it to be with a whole 10 man team, not solo. So, 80% is enough for me to have no regrets what ever happens next as I really did all my best. So if my best is not enough then there is nothing for me to do more, so there are no regrets. And to me, this is the most important thing in everything I do - do your best so you have a clear conscience.